It’s natural to have questions—the acorn of honest inquiry has often sprouted and matured into a great oak of understanding. There are few members of FYEDA who, at one time or another, have not wrestled with serious or sensitive questions. One of the purposes of the FYEDA is to nurture and cultivate the seed of faith—even in the sometimes sandy soil of doubt and uncertainty. Trust is to hope for things which are not seen but which are true.

Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters—my dear friends—please, first doubt your doubts before you doubt yourself! We must never allow doubt to hold us prisoner and keep us from love, peace, and gifts that come through trust. Some might say, “I just don’t fit in with you people in FYEDA.”

If you could see into our hearts, you would probably find that you fit in better than you suppose. You might be surprised to find that we have yearnings and struggles and hopes similar to yours. Your background or upbringing might seem different from what you perceive in many organisations but that could be a blessing. Brothers and sisters, dear friends, we need your unique talents and perspectives. The diversity of persons and peoples all around the globe is strength of FYEDA.

Some might say, “I don’t think I could live up to your standards.”

All the more reason to come! FYEDA is designed to nourish the imperfect, the struggling, and the exhausted. It is filled with people who desire with all their heart to change, even if they haven’t mastered them yet.

Some might say, “I know a member of your FYEDA who is a hypocrite (munafiq / jhoota). I could never join an organistion that had someone like him as a member.”

If you define hypocrite as someone who fails to live up perfectly to what he or she believes, then we are all hypocrites. None of us is quite as prophet like as we know we should be. But we earnestly desire to overcome our faults and the tendency to sin. With our heart and soul we yearn to become better!

If these are your desires, then regardless of your circumstances, your personal history, or the strength of your testimony, there is room for you in FYEDA. Come, join with us!